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Motorsport Simulator Package

Here at Everything Motorsport we have decided to add another string to our bow and move into the world of racing simulators, more specifically, simulators you can use in your household.

Many drivers need the use of simulators in order to firstly, develop their knowledge of the track they are racing and second of all hone their driving skills in a close to real world setting.

What we have come to find is that the knowledge based simulators do greatly differ from the idea of a skill based simulator both in spec and price. We have created the absolute maximum possible simulator aimed at increasing knowledge that can be used to compliment testing and high grade simulation as we believed there was a void in affordable offerings in this market.

Knowledge based simulators

This kind of simulator is designed to give a driver a close to perfect idea of what to expect when driving the track of their choice. Be it Monza or the Nürburgring, a driver can revise the track and get a feel for exactly how they will attack each corner and straight. This is definitely an advanced practice in regards to the fact that it really focusses on the learning of a new track or the refreshment of a track the driver has already raced.

Skill based simulators

Skill based simulators are very expensive and are fairly rare in home use. They are often part of a race team offering or specifically set up for rental per hour. They allow drivers to drive and hone skills from G force and various other tech advancements that is not available for home use.

The Everything Motorsport Simulator package we have put together, focuses on the knowledge based aspect of simulation and should be used to compliment comprehensive testing and/or skill based simulation.

So why have we put together this package?

Well in short, we have put a lot of time and effort into creating the ultimate knowledge based sim at the most cost effective price, with the best equipment available so that drivers with a reasonable budget can still practice in an effective and meaningful way.

We believe our simulator to be completely turn key for drivers to increase their preparation and increase their driving hours which is proving essential for driver development.

Our package is ideal for drivers that are time and knowledge poor with regard to simulation. Included in our package is installation, warranties and delivery.

Price from £2 999 +VAT

Our package includes the following:

  • Simulator Wheel, Force Feedback Wheel Base and Pedal Box with Clutch, Brake and Throttle.
  • Professional Simulator Cockpit equipped with 42” 4K LCD TV and Surround Sound Speakers.
  • Gaming PC with Extremely high capacity and exceptional spec.
  • R Factor Everything Motorsport Base Pack including 10 Major Circuits from around the world.
  • Everything Motorsport Developed Front Wheel Drive Touring Car, Rear Wheel Drive Cup Car, F3 Single Seater and GT3 race car.
  • UK Mainland Delivery.
  • Professional Installation by a Member of the EM Team.
  • 1 years free EM Warranty and support package.

Additional Products that can be supplied as extra cost.

  • iRacing Pack
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Project Cars
  • Additional requests to fit specific requirements for Sim Training.
  • Any additional requirements to spec your exact track schedule and racing cars.
  • Delivery overseas
Racing Sim

Interested in our simulator? Want more information? Contact Callum or call on +44 (0) 1625 586 660