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There any many teams looking for drivers and subsequently many drivers looking for teams. Which is why we created the Drives section on Everything Motorsport. These adverts allow willing buyers of “seats” and “Rides” meet willing sellers.

As a team looking to sell a “seat” in a coming race we suggest you outline the amount of experience you wish your given driver to have, how much money you want to receive and any other details including insurance details, other drivers, tyre allowance, location and specifics of the given race and racing car that’s going to be raced and exactly what the deal includes.

By allowing teams to court drivers, drivers can also court teams via uploading their details to teams looking to employ their service. With Everything Motorsports drives section it also gives opportunity for a driver to essentially market themselves to prospective teams.

Drivers are encouraged to upload details of their experience, past races and results, drivers are also encouraged to disclose their age and budget available if they are not professional. Our aim is to help the industry communicate better, this way more drivers will find more teams and more racing teams will find more racing teams.

If you have any trouble with the Drives section of Everything Motorsport please don’t hesitate to contact an Everything Motorsport member of staff.

Alternatively if you are looking for drivers or a driver looking for teams and you don’t want to be visible on we can also help connect people as we are constantly trying to solve issues with regard to filling seats, please contact us on the details provided and well see if we can help.

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